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Hydrocare® Fabric Conditioner™
A fabric conditioner for wetcleaning systems

Process Additives

  • All Hydrocare® products are designed to perform effectively at low water temperatures, reducing the risk of thermal shrinkage due to higher temperatures.
  • All products are biodegradable and safe for discharge into sewer systems.

Why Hydrocare?

The type and level of soils found on fabrics and the type and structure of the fabric dictate whether the fabric should be cleaned in water or drycleaning solvent. When water is the best choice, you can rely on Hydrocare from Street’s to help protect the fabric from damage during processing, effectively remove soils and keep them from redepositing, and deliver a fi nish that is both desirable and necessary. Hydrocare products allow the fabricare professional to restore the processed fabrics to their original “like new” condition. With Hydrocare, caring for these fabrics is made easy. Hydrocare provides a complete range of products formulated to work in harmony with each other to safely and effectively care for all fabrics that should be cleaned in water. These products, used in conjunction with Hydrocare’s purposefully designed processes and procedures, allow the fabricare professional to process these fabrics and help keep additional production labor to a minimum.

Hydrocare Conditioner

Some fabrics processed in water can become less flexible or pliable, and somewhat harsh to the touch. Many times this is not desirable. Hydrocare Fabric Conditioner imparts a soft and supple feel to fabrics and brings them closer to their original look and feel.

Hydrocare Fabric Conditioner is a surface active agent which affixes itself to the surface of the fibers. This allows Hydrocare Fabric Conditioner to act as an anti-static agent. In addition, it improves the resistance of fabrics to rubbing and abrasion during the drying process, thus helping to minimize shrinkage.

  • Felting Minimizer
  • Softener
  • Anti-Static Agent

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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