Pre-Spotter for Water-Soluble Stains

Get it Clean the First Time™

Pre-spotting with STREETEX® is the best prevention against recleans. STREETEX penetrates and loosens most water-soluble stains quickly and effectively when sprayed over general areas where soil can normally be expected and over visible stains elsewhere. Stains are then flushed from fabric in the drycleaning process.

Necklines, underarms, hemlines, pockets and cuffs are areas where you can generally expect to find common soiling. If pre-spotted with STREETEX, these stains can easily be removed with minimum time and trouble. Because spray spotting is so fast, easy and effective, many drycleaners have made it a habit to pre-spot just about every garment.

Goes to Work Faster

STREETEX contains a powerful wetting agent to give water more penetrating power so it works faster on stains. This is essential for quick and successful pre-spotting.

Easy to Use

STREETEX solutions can be applied quickly with the spray gun to pre-spot general areas of a garment before drycleaning. This requires very little spotting experience and also reduces the need for post-spotting and recleans.

Acts as a Leveling Agent

Some stains call for wet spotters which can leave rings on a garment after drycleaning. In these instances, STREETEX can be used as a leveling agent before drycleaning to eliminate the risk of ring formation.

Helps Clean Heavily Soiled Loads

When added to the wheel, STREETEX can effectively treat an entire load of heavily soiled garments. Used in this manner, STREETEX saves time by eliminating the need to treat each garment individually.

Removes Stains Safely

Certain fabrics and dyes are pH sensitive and can be damaged by acidic or alkaline formulas. STREETEX has a neutral pH so it will safely remove stains without damaging garments. 

Prevents Possible Discoloration

It is important that a pre-spotter contain no ingredients which may discolor solvent and fabrics. STREETEX remains clear when mixed with water, so no discoloration of solvent or fabrics will occur.


STREETEX can be used with water as a pre-spotter or can be combined with PICRIN® (not available in California 1/1/2013) volatile dry-spotter to create the versatile 2-1 FORMULA® combination wet/dry spotter to remove mystery stains. Because STREETEX is clear and has superb detergent properties, it also makes an excellent neutral lubricant. Further, STREETEX is effective as a base ingredient for user-mixed protein and tannin formulas.


How to Order STREETEX

Streetex is available from authorized Street’s distributors in single one-gallon bottles, cases of four bottles, or 15-gallon drums.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning, wetcleaning & laundry use only.

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