A stain remover designed for fast, safe, and effective removal of protein stains

Safest for Protein Stains™

StreePRO’s® formula safely and efficiently removes protein stains. Stains in this group often require alkaline action for complete removal. However, certain sensitive dyes may be damaged by products with unknown alkalinity.

StreePRO is specially formulated to remove frequently encountered stains like food, milk, blood, perspiration, baby formula and urine. Choose StreePRO for safe, fast and effective removal of protein stains.


Outstanding Safety
Protein stains respond to alkaline action, but certain dyes and fabrics are sensitive to usermixed or other formulations containing ammonia or stronger alkalies. StreePRO’s controlled pH level is safe for most colors and fabrics, while effective on stains.

Remains Safe, Even When Applying Steam
Heat facilitates stain removal but can increase the possibility of color damage. With StreePRO, you can take advantage of the convenience of the steam gun without fear of over-activity. Unlike ammonia, StreePRO’s activity does not increase to damaging levels with heat. This simplifies your spotting routine by eliminating the need to rinse the stained area with cold water before flushing with steam. Plus, StreePRO is completely water soluble, so it flushes easily and completely.

Loosens Stains
StreePRO’s outstanding lubrication properties loosen stains. This results in better stain removal and increases your efficiency at the spotting board.

Quick and Easy Stain Removal
StreePRO suspends loosened soils to prevent redeposition so you spend less time at the spotting board. Plus StreePRO has exceptional detergent qualities so you can return more stain-free garments to your customers.

Effectively Removes Last Traces of Ink Stains
Sometimes those last traces of ink stains require extra attention for complete removal. StreePRO used alternately with StreeTAN® tannin spotter can often eliminate ball point, indelible ink, marking pen and typewriter ribbon stains. This extra effort to completely eliminate any evidence of stains will keep your customers coming back.


How to Order StreePRO

StreePRO is sold by authorized Street’s distributors everywhere. Order StreePRO from your local distributor in single 12 oz. applicator bottles, available in cases of 24, and single one-gallon containers, available in cases of four.


Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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