For treating water-soluble stains on silk and other moisture sensitive fabrics

Gets the Soil. Preserves the Garment.™

SOFSPOT® is a safe and effective stain remover for water-soluble stains on delicate fabrics. SOFSPOT protects garments from the damaging effects of moisture remaining in fabrics after wet-side spotting.

Removing stains from sensitive fabrics like silk, rayon, wool, linen, and cotton can be a challenge. Color damage can result from the pH or moisture in stain removal agents, or even water from the steam gun. Other damage, such as rings, localized redeposition and more can occur if moisture remains in the treated area when it is drycleaned.

Care should always be taken when attempting to remove stains from sensitive fabrics. Now the job is easier with SOFSPOT, specifically formulated to minimize the problems associated with wet-side stain removal.

Removes Stains Quickly

SOFSPOT contains a powerful wetting agent for rapid penetration of the stained area and faster stain removal.

Safe for pH-Sensitive Fabrics

Colors on silk and rayon fabrics can be pH sensitive, leading to damage by acidic or alkaline stain removers. SOFSPOT is neutral, so it will remove stains safely without damaging the color.

Minimizes Dye-Bleeding at the Spotting Board

Moisture sensitive dyes can bleed when exposed to stain removers that contain moisture. SOFSPOT’s formulation removes water-soluble stains, like food and perspiration, while minimizing dye bleeding at the spotting board.

Prevents Costly Recleans

Prespotting with SOFSPOT delivers more stain-free garments after drycleaning to save on extra handling. This can be especially important when a short running time is used to protect a fragile garment or trim.

Helps Prevent Localized Redeposition

 SOFSPOT has outstanding lubrication and soil dispersion properties to help prevent redeposition and aid in the removal of loosened soils from the fabric.

Controls Fabric Moisture

To sensitive fabrics, moisture can mean damage in the drycleaning bath. Areas where residual moisture remains after spotting will attract impurities like insoluble soil and dyes to cause localized dicoloration or redeposition. Light-colored soft wools and cottons are especially susceptible. In addtion, uncontrolled moisture can result in rings, color loss, shrinkage, pilling, or excessive wrinkling of other susceptible fabrics. SOFSPOT contains a powerful leveling agent that provides needed moisture management when the detergent type or concentration is inadequate.

How to Order SOFSPOT

SOFSPOT is sold by authorized Street’s distributors everywhere. Order from your distributor in single one-gallon containers or cases of six containers.


Specially labelled SOFSPOT spotting bottles are also available.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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