A titanium stripper for dye removal

Makes Dye Disappear™

Dye stains can occur between damp garments before or during processing. Experienced spotting professionals know that the way to solve this frustrating and potentially expensive problem is through the use of bleaching products and advanced techniques.

READY-STRIP™ is formulated to remove fugitive dye without harming fabrics. Used as directed, it can even remove fugitive dye from colored garments. Proper use of READYSTRIP will help avoid expensive claims due to dye transfer.

Many stains contain dye that cannot be completely removed during the normal cleaning and stain removal process, sometimes rendering a garment unwearable. Customers will be impressed because READY-STRIP on the spotting board will effectively remove the last traces of dye from stains that in the past seemed almost impossible to remove.

Safe on all Non-Metallic Fabrics
READY-STRIP is safe on all fabrics except those containing metallic fibers. It can even be used on chlorine bleach sensitive fabrics like silk and wool.

Safe to Most Colored Garments
When used as directed, READY-STRIP an be used to remove fugitive dye which has bled onto colored fabrics as well. Of course, care should be taken when performing this procedure as even some base dyes can be fugitive.

No Dilution Necessary
Other competitive products recommend dilution prior to use on the spotting board, which necessitates more chemical handling and can limit their useful life. READY-STRIP is “ready-to-use” and is available in a convenient applicator bottle designed for spotting board use.

Does Not Over-Whiten
Unlike some bleaches, READY-STRIP will not cause whites to become whiter. So when you are removing a localized dye stain from a white colored garment, you bleach the dye, not the fabric.

Virtually Odor-Free Formula
Some bleaches emit an unpleasant odor when using. READY-STRIP is virtually odor-free, making it more pleasant to work with.

High Heat Stability
The use of heat is often necessary to improve the effectiveness of many bleaching procedures. READY-STRIP will remain stable even at boiling temperature, so you can be as aggressive as necessary to remove the dye.


How to Order READY-STRIP

READY-STRIP is available from authorized Street’s distributors in 16 oz. applicator bottles, available in cases of six, and single 1-gallon containers available in cases of four.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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