Pyratex POG stain remover

An oily-type dry stain remover

For The Tough Stains™

Oil-based paint, nail polish, adhesives, and inks, can be very difficult stains to remove. For these tough stains, garment care professionals choose PYRATEX.

Its unique solvent, detergent and pigment soil suspension properties allow Pyratex to remove even the heaviest dry-side stains. PYRATEX, which does not contain moisture, prevents stains like cosmetics, shoe polish, and others that contain dye from spreading and becoming more difficult to remove.

Dry-side stain removal with PYRATEX before drycleaning is the most effective way to remove dry-side stains.


Contains Quick-Cutting Solvents
The special blend of solvents in PYRATEX go to work fast to penetrate and dissolve tough stains.

Contains Virtually No Moisture
Cosmetic stains often contain water-soluble dyes. Even the smallest amount of moisture present in stain removers or drycleaning systems can spread these dyes, making stains more difficult to remove. PYRATEX safely suspends these dyes so they can be flushed away before the dye can spread.

Contains an Oily Base
Because of its oily base, PYRATEX lubricates and suspends loosened soil to prevent it from redepositing on the fabric, making it easier to flush soil away.

Tackles Exceptionally Heavy Stains
The heavy-duty PYRATEX formula combines unique solvent, detergent, and pigment suspension properties to penetrate and remove even the heaviest dry-side stains.

Rinses Easily
PYRATEX rinses easily with PICRIN® to help ensure paints, oils, and greases are flushed out of the garment before processing.

System Friendly
When used as directed, PYRATEX works great in perchloroethylene, traditional petroleum and high-flash hydrocarbon solvent systems.


How to Order Pyratex

Pyratex is sold by authorized Street’s distributors everywhere. Order PYRATEX from your local distributor in single one-gallon containers and cases of four.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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