Pyratex® NuTec™
New technology POG formulated to satisfy the high flash point requirements off hydrocarbon plans

For The Tough Stains™

Pyratex NuTec is formulated to remove difficult dry-side stains prior to drycleaning. Pyratex NuTec can replace all traditional Paint, Oil, and Grease (P.O.G.) removers or Oily Type Paint Removers (O.T.P.R.) used with high flash hydrocarbon, perchloroethylene, and traditional petroleum systems.

When high flash point, easy rinsing, low odor, and less aggressiveness to textile dyes are a priority, Pyratex NuTec is your best choice.




Superior Performance.

Removing difficult dry-side stains like cosmetics and grease is no problem for Pyratex NuTec. In fact, its performance on most stains is identical to regular Pyratex, which is the industry standard for dry-side stain removal effectiveness.

Flushes Easily.

Pyratex NuTec flushes easily and completely, using Picrin ®for perc systems, or DF-2000™ Fluid for high flash hydrocarbon systems.

Fewer Spotting Rings.

Easier flushing than with other OTPRs so there is less chance of a spotting ring remaining after cleaning.

High Flash Point Formula.

The flash point of Pyratex NuTec is higher than that of high flash drycleaning solvents and therefore cannot lower their flash points.

Low Odor Formula.

Pyratex NuTec has been formulated to minimize odor.

Color Friendly.

Some traditional Paint, Oil, and Grease removers can be aggressive on textile dyes. Pyratex NuTec is less aggressive on textile dyes without a sacrifice in performance.


Can be used with high flash hydrocarbon, perc, and traditional petroleum systems.

Contains Virtually No Moisture.

Certain stains, like lipstick and shoe polish, often contain water-soluble dyes. Small amounts of moisture present in stain removers can spread these dyes, making stains more difficult to remove. Therefore, true dry-side pre-spotting techniques are essential for these types of stains. Pyratex NuTec is essentially dry, and will not spread water-soluble dye-containing stains.


How to Order Pyratex NuTec

Pyratex NuTec is sold by authorized Street’s distributors and is available in 6 x 1 gallon cases and single gallons

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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