For the Tough Stains™


PYRATEX LV sets a new standard for easy, efficient and effective dry-side stain removal.


Oily-Type Dry-Side Stain Remover
Formulated to take on heavy-duty stains, PYRATEX®LV can handle paint, oil, and grease stains (POGs), and even lipstick and cosmetics.

Effective on a wide range of dry-side stains, newly formulated PYRATEX LV requires no flushing before cleaning in perchloroethylene (perc), high flash hydrocarbon (HFHC), traditional petroleum, wetcleaning or laundry systems. For post-spotting or when used in other systems such as GreenEarth® (D5), it can be flushed with steam, water, or other flushing agents.

PYRATEX LV sets a new standard for easy, efficient and effective removal of difficult dry-side stains. It lubricates, lifts and suspends loosened soil to prevent it from redepositing on fabrics.

PYRATEX LV is virtually odorless. It contains no California Prop 65 listed ingredients and complies with California 2013 VOC regulations.

• Superior POG for the Toughest Oil & Wax-Based Stains
PYRATEX LV goes to work fast to penetrate and dissolve heavy dry-side stains and prevents them from redepositing on the fabric.

• Leave-On Application for Perc, Hydrocarbon, Wetcleaning & Laundry
With most POGs, a time-consuming flush followed by drying on the spotting board is recommended. PYRATEX LV is safe for leave-on application in perc, HFHC, traditional petroleum, wetcleaning and laundry systems. PYRATEX LV rinses readily in the wheel without harming your system.

• Use With GreenEarth® (D5)
PYRATEX LV flushes easily with GreenSPOT™, water, or steam.

• Use With Other Solvents
PYRATEX LV flushes easily with water or steam.

• Rinses Easily for Post-Spotting
PYRATEX LV flushes easily with water, steam, PICRIN® and other flushing agents on the spotting board.

• Virtually Odorless Formula
Many oily-type paint removers (OTPRs) and POGs have strong odors. PYRATEX LV has been formulated to be virtually odor-free.

• Color Friendly Formulation
PYRATEX LV is gentle on textile dyes without sacrificing performance.

• Does Not Affect Flash Point
PYRATEX LV has a high flash point formula making it safe for HFHC drycleaning solvents.

leaf.gifAll ingredients are biodegradable. Contains no Proposition 65 listed ingredients or halogenated compounds. 


How to Order PYRATEX LV

PYRATEX LV is sold by authorized Street’s distributors everywhere. Order PYRATEX LV from your local distributor in single one-gallon containers or in cases of four.

Specially labeled spotting bottles are available from your distributor.


Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning, wetcleaning and laundry use only.