Picrin Volatile  Dry Spotter

A volatile dry-side stain remover

The Volatile Dry Spotter™

Why PICRIN belongs on every spotting board.

 “Dry-side” spotting is done without the use of moisture. It’s a technique employed when water or steam, or wet-side spotting agents might disturb the fabric’s dye or spread the dye contained in stains like cosmetics.

PICRIN, used along with other dry-side agents, is indispensable for working difficult dry-side stains. Applied as the first step, PICRIN dissolves and flushes soluble stain components from fabric to prevent them from spreading. Then, after applying the appropriate dry-side agent and working the stain, PICRIN is used to flush the loosened stain from the fabric before drycleaning. This eliminates the possibility of working loosened soils back into the fabric. Once the stain is gone, a final flushing with PICRIN will remove the spotting agents to prevent bleeding of fabric dye, ring formation, or transfer of dye to other garments.

When used for touch up spotting, PICRIN's controlled evaporation makes it easy to remove pick-up soil without leaving a ring, saving the time it would take to reclean the garment.

PICRIN's quick-cutting solvent action, controlled rate of evaporation, and complete volatility, coupled with its safety to fabric and dye, make it the ideal choice for dry-side and touch-up spotting.

Speeds Stain Removal
PICRIN speeds up the effect of an oily-type dry spotter because it dissolves the solvent-soluble components found in many dry-side stains.

Flushes Dry-side Spotting Chemicals
Ring formation, and even damage to dyes can occur if some spotting agents are left on fabric too long after spotting. PICRIN's solvent action removes them so you won’t have to face the work of removing difficult rings after drycleaning.

Safe Yet Effective
PICRIN flushes solvent-soluble dye from stains safely before it can spread, making it easier to completely remove the stain.

Ideal for Touch-up Spotting
Garments can pick up soil like finger marks and grease after drycleaning. PICRIN is completely volatile and has a controlled rate of evaporation so it evaporates completely and rapidly, facilitating dry-side feathering. This makes PICRIN effective for touch-up spotting at spotting boards, presses, and at inspection stations. It saves you time and money by eliminating recleans.

For Versatile 2-1 Formula™ Combination Wet/Dry Spotter
PICRIN can be also be combined with STREETEX® pre-spotter to form 2-1 FORMULA®, which helps to remove mystery stains, imbedded soil and latex paint. PICRIN penetrates quickly to dissolve the solvent-soluble portion of the stain, while STREETEX effectively dissolves and suspends the remaining components.


How to Order PICRIN
PICRIN is sold by authorized Street’s distributors everywhere. Order PICRIN from your distributor in single one-gallon containers or cases of six gallons.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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