A water rinseable oily-type stain remover

Solves Oily Stain Problems in Water™

With AquaSOLV, solvent soluble stains now can be removed prior to wet cleaning without having to first dryclean the item to rinse out traditionally used paint, oil and grease removers. This is because AquaSOLV has been formulated specifically for the wetcleaning process to rinse out easily with water.

Some solvent-soluble and combination stains that are not pre-spotted prior to wetcleaning may not be completely removed during processing. Because AquaSOLV can be rinsed and feathered without leaving a spotting ring, you can now remove these residual stains without recleaning the item.

Now you can rely on AquaSOLV to solve all your oily stain problems in water.


Delivers Concentrated Penetrating Power

Its unique formulation immediately penetrates the stained area to quickly dissolve the solvent soluble and water soluble components of the stain so they can be rinsed away in the wetcleaning process.

Great for Combination Stains

It is effective in removing stains, such as many foods and latex paints, which contain both water soluble and solvent soluble components.


It can be used for treating stains prior to and after wetcleaning.

Helps Prevent Time Consuming Recleans

Because AquaSOLV is rinseable in water or steam, areas where AquaSOLV has been applied after cleaning can be rinsed (feathered) and dried without leaving a ring. 

Safe on Fabrics

Certain fabrics are pH sensitive and can be damaged by acidic or alkaline formulas. AquaSOLV will safely remove stains without disturbing the fabric.

Comes in Convenient Sizes.

Available in ready-to-use 16 ounce bottle with a flow control spout, which makes it easy to apply just the right amount to the stain. Gallon refill containers are also available.


How To Order AquaSOLV:

AquaSOLV is available from authorized Street’s distributors in convenient 16 ounce applicator bottles, or 1 gallon refill containers.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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