A combination wet/dry stain remover

The Versatile Combination™

Stains can be water-soluble, solvent-soluble, or both, but the nature of a stain is not always easy to determine, making it difficult to decide which spotter to use.

When you don’t know what caused a stain, don’t waste time with trial and error spotting. Reach for 2-1 FORMULA. It’s the versatile solution for a wide variety of stains. That’s because 2-1 FORMULA is a combination of two parts STREETEX® pre-spotter and one part PICRIN® volatile dry spotter. If the stain contains oil or grease, PICRIN will tackle it; if it contains water-soluble soil, the STREETEX goes to work.



Because of its ability to attack both water-soluble and solvent-soluble stains, 2-1 FORMULA is especially useful for removing many stains containing both water-soluble and solvent-soluble components like food and perspiration.  2-1 FORMULA will do the job that would otherwise require two or more separate spotters.

Effective on Embedded Soil

No ready-made spotter is as effective as 2-1 Formula for brushing out embedded soil. With the application of 2-1 FORMULA on collars, cuffs, hemlines, and drape linings, recleaning can often be eliminated.

Effective on Latex Paint

Conventional oily-type paint removers, while effective on oil-based paints, do not have the same ability to remove latex paint. With 2-1 FORMULA, latex paint stains can be removed faster and more effectively than any ready-made spotter.

Removes Light Paint, Oil, and Grease Stain.

2-1 FORMULA is effective on light oil and grease stains. When working with paint stains, it can be difficult to distinguish between a latex and other paints. Because 2-1 FORMULA is effective on some oil-based paints, the formula has gained popularity as a general paint-oil-grease remover.

Soluble in Water and Solvent

Because of its dual solubility, 2-1 FORMULA can be feathered with water and steam after spotting small, isolated stains. It can also be used as a reclean formula when spotting larger or wide-spread stains, providing more flexibility than reclean formulas.

Specially Marked Spotting Bottle Available Free of Charge

Enables you to mix 2-1 FORMULA directly in the dispensing bottle without the need for other measuring aids.


How to Order STREETEX and PICRIN

STREETEX and PICRIN are sold by authorized Street’s distributors everywhere. Order STREETEX from your distributor in single one gallon bottles, cases of four, or 15 gallon drums. Order PICRIN from your distributor in single one gallon bottles, or in cases of four.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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