Odorex odor control

Odor Eliminator

Eliminates Odors... For Good!™

Many stains and garments can emit undesirable odors that become more pronounced when steam is applied through the stain removal and finishing process. ODOREX eliminates these undesirable odors, providing your customers with odor-free garments and improving the working environment in your plant.

ODOREX permanently entraps odors and helps to rinse them away so that no odors are emitted during the stain removal or pressing process.

Use ODOREX first on all odorous stains and suspect garment areas to eliminate odor surprises later.


Permanently Entraps Odors
ODOREX instantly goes to work to permanently bind with odors so they can be cleaned away never to be smelled again. Unlike masking agents or temporary encapsulators, ODOREX provides true odor elimination...permanently.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Consumers expect their garments to be returned odor-free; use of ODOREX ensures odors will no longer emit from stained or soiled areas.

Makes Pressing More Pleasant
Using steam to finish garments can cause the emission of unpleasant odors. By treating common areas such as underarms with ODOREX before cleaning, you will not have to smell unpleasant odors while you are pressing.

Makes Stain Removal More Pleasant
Eliminates the odors associated with wet-side stains before removal, ensuring an odor-free stain removal process.

Insurance Against Invisible Odor Unpleasantries
Sometimes unpleasant odors are present in stains that are not visible, such as underarm perspiration. Applying ODOREX first eliminates odor surprises later.

ODOREX can be used in drycleaning or wetcleaning applications.

ODOREX is neutral so you can use ODOREX in conjunction with either protein (alkali) or tannin (acid) stain removers without fear of neutralization.

Safe to Use on Any Garment

ODOREX will not damage fabrics or dyes if those fabrics are not negatively affected by water.

Can Be Used in a Spray Application
To eliminate odors from larger stains prior to dry-cleaning, simply mix 1 part ODOREX with 1 part water.

ODOREX is conveniently packaged in 16 oz. bottles for board use. Specially labeled 32 oz. spray bottles to mix ODOREX 1-to-1 with water are available.

How to Order ODOREX
ODOREX is sold by authorized Street’s distributors everywhere. Order ODOREX from your local distributor in 16 oz. containers.

Specially labeled spray bottles are available from your distributor.


Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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