Freshtex odor control

Effective on Smoke and Other Odors

For the Freshest Smelling Clothes and Textiles™

Whether it’s removing the smell of heavy smoke in fire restoration, or the stale and musty smell sometimes present at the end of a load, FreshTEX will successfully treat affected clothes and other textiles to leave them smelling fresh and clean.

FreshTEX is designed to appeal to an important, but often overlooked aspect of cleaning: the human sensory function that is our sense of smell. FreshTEX will complement any professional fabric care service by giving garments a breath of fresh air and a pleasant residual fragrance. Cleaned garments will not only look clean, they will smell clean as well.


Fire Restoration 
Smoke can be the most difficult odor to treat. Many drycleaners have no choice but to use time-consuming ozone technology or a specialized laundry process to remove this difficult odor. With FreshTEX, smoke odors normally responding only to ozone or laundry can now be treated during the drycleaning process.

Effective On Bacterial Odors 
Bacterial odors can make their way from the solvent to the fabric during processing. FreshTEX is effective on bacterial odors, so that when used as instructed, it will leave the fabric smelling fresh with no bacterial odor.

Eliminates Stale, Musty Machine Odors
Modern drycleaning machines do not take in any fresh air during the drying cycles, even when the machine door is open. Therefore the air within the wheel and reclamation chamber can smell stale or musty, leaving garments less than fresh at the end of the cycle. Using FreshTEX will make everything smell fresher.

FreshTEX can be used in perc, petroleum and hydrocarbon drycleaning solvents. It can also be used in laundry applications, and because it works in water it can be mixed in a spray bottle and sprayed on textiles like carpets or draperies, reducing the need for separate products.

Easy to Use
Whether you operate a charge system or supply additives on a load by load basis, FreshTEX can deliver fresher results in almost any cleaning process.

FreshTEX will not interfere with detergent or fabric finish performance, nor contribute to filter pressure.

Customers Will Take Notice 
FreshTEX imparts a subtle fresh smelling fragrance that communicates the garment is as clean and fresh as it looks.

How to Order FreshTEX

FreshTEX is sold by authorized Street’s distributors and is available in single gallons and cases of four.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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