Large Format Cartridges

The Confidence Cartridge™

 An important success factor for any cleaning business is the ability to consistently satisfy customers by returning garments that look as fresh and clean as new.  Good filtration is essential to achieving that objective and avoiding the negative effects of graying and redeposition of soil that can lead to unhappy customers. That’s why Puritan filter cartridges are designed and constructed to trap and hold substantially more insoluble soil than competing brands.

Differences in cleaning machine configurations, cleaning processes, solvents, and the work processed means that there are differing requirements for contaminant removal from one cleaning system to another.  So whatever your requirements, there is a PURITAN model especially designed to meet your needs.

Superior Design, Materials, and Construction Deliver Better Value.

  • Puritan large format cartridges provide up to one third more usable surface area than other brands. With more premium filter paper and precise, deep pleating, Puritan’s extra surface area holds more dirt and lasts longer
  • For superior removal of dye and other color impurities, only the best activated carbon  granules are used. The core is vibratic packed to full capacity to ensure no settling occurs.
  • In the PURITAN Adsorptive model, activated clay supplements the activated carbon in a uniform blend that ensures consistent removal of contaminants.
  • The unique two-handle design does not puncture the filter shell, avoiding the soil bypass that occurs in other brands, and making for easier handling during filter changes.
  • The paper ends are sealed in a bed of adhesive and bonded to the endplates while the side seam consists of a full pleat overlap that is interlocked and sealed with adhesive to prevent soil bypass and ensure structural integrity.
  • Every case of PURITAN large format cartridges includes new felt gaskets to ensure proper sealing.
  • Every PURITAN cartridge is backed by the technical support capabilities of Street’s. Access our expertise through your area Street’s representative, on our website, or via telephone to our technical help line.

Whatever your requirements, there is a Puritan model especially designed to meet your needs.

The LF

Balanced Filter Life and Dye Control for Most Systems

The LF is the standard large format model filter cartridge. It features a core of activated carbon that is sized to balance the dirt holding capacity of the filter paper to the dye removal capacity of the carbon core, in a ratio that is right for most systems using distillation to help remove solvent soluble contaminants.

Dye Eater

For Maximum Control of Dye Contaminants

The premium Dye Eater model features the same capacity for insoluble soils as the LF model, but uses a much larger core of activated carbon for extra dye removal capability and longer life.


For Oily Contaminant Control in Systems Without Distillation

The Adsorptive model uses a core with two adsorptive materials. Activated clay is uniformly blended with activated carbon to provide some removal of oily contaminants in systems that lack distillation capability.


For Oily Contaminant and Moisture Control in Systems Where Carbon is Not Desired

The All-Clay model uses a core with 100% activated clay for removal of oily contaminants and unwanted moisture in systems that lack distillation capability.


Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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