Carbon-Core Cartridge
Carbon-Core Cartridge for Standard Format Filter Systems

Rely On The Puritan Carbon-Core Cartridge For The Clean Solvent Performance You Need.

Your customers trust you to get their clothes clean as new.   As you know, the cleaner the solvent, the cleaner the clothes are that you return to your customers.  The most important element for reliable, consistently clean solvent, is the quality of the cartridge; that's why more drycleaners depend on Puritan.

The Puritan Carbon-Core Cartridge is designed and built to trap more dirt than any other standard cartridge.  And its carbon-core has the largest capacity of any standard size carbon-core cartridge to adsorb dissolved impurities, like dyes, which have escaped from garments.  The unique balance of the finest materials means that the Puritan Carbon-Core Cartridge will work better and last longer.

And because it's a Puritan, you can have confidence that its design and quality construction will consistently deliver clean solvent, cleaner clothes, happier customers and a more profitable business.

Advanced Design Gives You More For Your Money.

The Puritan Carbon-Core Cartridge is different from other standard cartridges.  The filtering surface has been greatly expanded through the use of a special pleat design that allows the use of more filter paper in the same amount of space.  This means the Puritan Cartridge can hold a lot more dirt, and work longer before changing.

The absorptive core of the Puritan Carbon-Core Cartridge is vibratic packed to capacity with the finest carbon.  Puritan Carbon-Core Cartridge gives you much more capacity to adsorb dissolved color impurities.


Superior Materials Give You Effective Filtration Performance.

 A Puritan Cartridge contains premium filter paper.  It has ultra fine pores to filter out even the smallest soil particles.  The paper is also treated with a thermosetting resin which makes the paper durable, even when wet, so it holds up under the pressure of solvent flow.

 The spiral lock seamed center tube is extremely strong to provide extra strength and mechanically locked into the cartridge endplates for extra strength and sure protection against carbon leakage.The outer shell has a specially designed pattern of perforated holes to assure unrestricted solvent flow through the entire cartridge for more effective removal of insoluble soils.


Sturdy Construction and Quality Assurance Means A Puritan Cartridge Will Last and Perform Properly Every Time.

Filter paper ends are sealed in a bed of plastisol and bonded to the end-plates, and handles are attached without piercing holes in the filter.  You won't have to worry about soil bypassing the filter paper.

A strong metal shell, ribbed to provide greater strength, protects the filter paper from damage during shipping , handling, and installation.

All Puritan Cartridges are quality checked - each manufacturing operation is inspected and reinspected to ensure consistent excellence.

Specially-sized gaskets placed between Puritan Cartridges and at the ends of cartridge posts, prevent soil bypass and redeposition.


All these things add up to confidence!

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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