All Carbon Cartridge
All-Carbon Cartridge for Standard Format Filter Systems

Rely On The Puritan All-Carbon Cartridge For The Clean Solvent Performance You Need.

Your customers rely on you to get their clothes clean and looking like new. Unfortunately a common consumer complaint is that drycleaned garments are often returned looking gray and dingy, a result of dirty solvent. Excessive dye in the solvent is a leading cause of garment graying and unhappy customers.

Garment care professionals who insist on the highest quality cleaning choose the safety, effectiveness and convenience of cartridge filtration for soil removal and dye adsorption. Drycleaners who use standard carbon-core housings usually require supplemental carbon adsorption because a standard size cartridge is not large enough to accommodate enough carbon for proper dye control. Puritan All-Carbon Cartridges are designed and built to strictly provide supplemental carbon adsorption capacity. Because All-Carbon Cartridges contain no paper, they should only be used in a standard filter housing which has been placed after an effective solvent maintenance system like standard carbon-core cartridges.

The Puritan All-Carbon Cartridge is the best of its kind and has the largest capacity of any standard size all-carbon cartridge to adsorb dye. The unique balance of the finest materials means that the Puritan All-Carbon Cartridge will work better and last longer. And because it’s a Puritan, you can have confidence that its design and quality construction will consistently deliver clean solvent, cleaner clothes, happier customers and a more profitable business.

For the greatest confidence in your solvent maintenance system, choose Puritan.


 • Contains Only Activated Carbon. The activation process creates crevices on the surface of the carbon granules for more effective, faster and long-lasting dye adsorption.

 • Greater Carbon Volume. The Puritan All-Carbon Cartridge contains the largest amount of carbon possible for supplemental dye control in standard format cartridge systems. Every carbon chamber is vibrated when filled, ensuring the maximum amount of carbon is added to every Puritan All-Carbon Cartridge. No empty space will develop in the carbon chamber during shipping and handling, which can result in the bypass of dye laden solvent.

• Assures Ideal Solvent Flow. The outer shell of the Puritan All-Carbon Cartridge has over 9,000 tiny louvered entry ports to assure ideal solvent flow while preventing carbon from escaping.

• Prevents Soil Bypass. Filter paper ends are bonded to the end plates in a bed of plastisol, and handles are attached without piercing holes in the filter. This means soil will not bypass the filter paper.

• Protects Against Carbon Leakage. An exclusive louvered, spiral, lock-seam center tube is specially molded from steel, permanently bonded all around, and mechanically locked into the cartridge endplates. This provides extra strength and sure protection against carbon leakage. Handles are attached without piercing holes in the outer shell for additional carbon leakage protection.

• Gives You More For Your Money. Because of the Puritan All-Carbon’s long lasting dye control capacity, purchasing and disposal costs are reduced.

• Sturdy Construction and Quality Assurance. Puritan’s superior design and careful construction is inspected and reinspected to ensure consistent excellence. You can be assured the Puritan All-Carbon-Cartridge will last and provide the best performance every time.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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