Finishing Touch Spray On Fabric Finish

Finishing Touch™
Professional Aerosol Sizing

Looking Good Made Easy™

Finishing Touch™ brand professional aerosol sizing gives clothes a crisp and fresh  “like new” appearance that makes that all-important difference.

Designed for professional use, Finishing Touch is a premium formulation that provides superior results on drycleanable, wetcleanable and washable garments. Finishing Touch quickly helps garments look their best, even in fast-paced production environments.

What’s more, with its unique spray nozzle design, Finishing Touch offers a real improvement in reliability, ease of use and economy of application.


Designed for Professionals
Finishing Touch is designed for use with commercial finishing equipment. Formulated to meet the requirements of professional cleaners, it produces superior results on a wide range of drycleanable, wetcleanable, and washable fabrics. It’s also perfect for touch-up pressing.

Makes a Good Finish Even Better
Finishing Touch gives garments a superior look and feel compared to other brands.

Better Value for Money 
The higher concentration of active ingredients means that Finishing Touch delivers a uniform, crisp, wrinkle-free appearance with just the right feel, body and drape.

More Economical 
Because of its unique spray nozzle, Finishing Touch can be applied to garments faster with none of the product waste associated with over-spray or over-wetting of the garment.

Eliminates Common Problems 
Finishing Touch is designed to eliminate annoying problems such as clogged nozzles, garments sticking to the presses, scorching, flaking and garment discoloration. Such problems, often characteristic of other brands, are time-consuming and wasteful to correct.

How to Order Finishing Touch Aerosol Sizing
Finishing Touch aerosol sizing is sold by authorized Street’s distributors and is available in single 20 oz. containers or in cartons of 12.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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