Staticol detergent

Charge process detergent for use in perchloroethylene solvent systems.

The Multi-Fabric Detergent™

As a professional drycleaner, you’re faced with all kinds of fabrics. Natural fabrics, synthetics, and blends. This variety means a detergent must have the multi-purpose role of dealing effectively with different fabric properties to minimize lint problems and static cling, and suspending loosened soils to prevent redeposition.

Different fabrics have different properties and present various cleaning challenges:

Natural fabrics like silk, wool, cotton, and linen soak up moisture from the air during pre-spotting and from solvent during the cleaning process. One pound of linen can hold two ounces of moisture and a pound of wool can hold three ounces of moisture without feeling wet. As a result, natural fabrics tend to attract and hold more water-soluble soil.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyesters, nylons, and acrylics attract oily soil and, unlike natural fabrics, pick up very little moisture. Synthetics stay dry - so dry, that they can generate troublesome static electricity.

Blended fabrics are combinations of both natural and synthetic fibers creating fabrics with both sets of properties and cleaning challenges.


Unsurpassed Moisture Control
Small amounts of water are present and necessary in the drycleaning process to help remove water-soluble soils. Water can be added in the drycleaning process, and clothes can pick up moisture from the air. But perc and water do not mix. Before moisture can be put to work, it must first be solubilized into the drycleaning solvent. STATICOL effectively solubilizes the moisture, enabling it to gently and safely flush away water-soluble soil, along with the solvent-soluble soil to produce cleaner garments with less need for post-spotting or recleaning. This saves time at the spotting board and helps you return your customer‘s freshly cleaned clothes quickly and efficiently.

Prevents Redeposition
With its excellent soil suspending properties, STATICOL prevents loosened soils from re-depositing. Your customer’s clothes will be cleaner and brighter.

Minimizes Lint and Static Cling 
Because of STATICOL's outstanding static control properties, lint problems and static cling are minimized during the cleaning process and even after a garment has left your plant. This reduces handling in plant because there’s less need for manual lint removal. And your customers will love how their garments resist clinging when worn.

For Use in Perchloroethylene 
Staticol can be used with or without automatic moisture controls, and in any perchloroethylene drycleaning system.

Greater Detergency and Economy 
Staticol is concentrated, giving you more cleaning power for your money.

The Charge Can be Accurately Tested 
Maintaining a proper detergent charge is essential to achieving consistent cleaning performance. The Universal Test Kit makes testing easy, quick, and accurate.

Staticol is also available with the fresh clean scent of Freshenz™, ask for it when you order from your Street's distributor.

How to Order Staticol

STATICOL is sold by authorized Street’s distributors everywhere. Order from your distributor in single one-gallon containers, cases of 4 containers, 5-gallon pails, and 15-, and 55-gallon drums.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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