Load process detergent for all hydrocarbon systems. Designed for maximum effectiveness with DF2000 Fluid™.

The Peak of Cleaning Performance™

PINNACLE detergent is formulated for the garment care professional who demands consistent cleaning performance, yet wants the simplicity of using automatic detergent additions with each load.

Adding PINNACLE with each load reduces the likelihood of garment graying, minimizes static and lint, aids in the removal of water-soluble stains, and helps prevent the formation of unpleasant solvent odors.

PINNACLE is formulated exclusively for use in dry-to-dry hydrocarbon systems and can be used with any brand of odorless high flashpoint hydrocarbon solvent.


Keeps Whites White and Colors Bright
Graying of garments is a serious and common problem. Many of the factors that increase the likelihood of graying during the drycleaning process can happen without your knowledge. Therefore you need to have protection during the cleaning cycle from soils redepositing and causing garment graying. PINNACLE helps to keep soil from redepositing onto garments, assuring they stay clean and bright.

Aids in the Removal of Water-Soluble Stains 
PINNACLE provides for the safe and effective exchange of water between the fabric and the solvent that is necessary to flush away water-soluble stains during the drycleaning cycle.

Contributes to Lint-Free Garments 
Where there is static, inevitably, there is lint. PINNACLE minimizes garment static, so there is less need for manual lint removal. Your customers will appreciate how well their garments resist lint when worn.

Does Not Alter the Original Scent of the Solvent 
PINNACLE is free of the aromatic solvents commonly found in other products.

Formulated to Control Solvent and Garment Odors 
Formation of bacteria in your drycleaning system can lead to unpleasant solvent and garment odors. Bacteria live and breed in free moisture. Unlike other detergents, the moisture in PINNACLE is solubulized, helping to eliminate the breeding ground for odor causing bacteria.

Does Not Lower the Solvent Flash-Point 
PINNACLE's flash point is beyond that of popular high flash solvents used for drycleaning.

PINNACLE is also available with the fresh clean scent of Freshenz™, ask for it when you order from your Street's distributor.

How to Order PINNACLE

PINNACLE is sold through authorized Street's distributors everywhere. Order from your distributor in 5-gallon, 15-gallon, and 55-gallon containers.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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