GreenSOL detergent for GreenEarth

Detergent and Cleaning Booster for GreenEarth® Systems

Clean More.Spot Less.™

GreenSOL® detergent is specifically formulated for use with GreenEarth® systems. GreenSOL provides effective stain and soil removal, reducing your need for spotting on the board and providing you with better cleaning performance. Less time spent on the spotting board saves you time, work and money.

This unique product is formulated to have excellent soil suspension properties which helps prevent soils from resettling onto garments, so clothes look cleaner and brighter. It also reduces lint and prevents static, saving you labor and providing an added benefit to your customers. For additional stain removal, use GreenSPOT™ pre-spotter and leveling agent.


Improves Cleaning Results
GreenSOL™  is specially formulated for your GreenEarth system to provide the extra cleaning power that you need, removing soils that the solvent alone cannot get out. GreenSOL helps control moisture and provides predictable soil removal while being safe for most fabrics and dyes.

Helps Reduce Work, Recleans, Claims and Costs
The more cleaning you get done in the machine instead of the spotting board, the better. More time spent on the board hurts your productivity and increases your risk of costly spotting errors and claims. GreenSOL effectively removes more soils and stains in the machine so you can spend less time on the board, saving labor and money and helping you to reduce recleans and claims.

Keeps Whites and Colors Bright
GreenSOL has excellent soil suspension properties to help prevent redeposition, the resettling of soil back onto garments. Your customers will notice a difference; their clothes will be cleaner, brighter and last longer.

Helps Prevent Static and Lint
When used as directed, GreenSOL™ helps eliminate static generated in the wheel, so clothes are also less likely to attract lint in the machine or when moving through the plant. As a result, you’ll save time and labor in manual lint removal. Your customers will appreciate that their clothes do not have static cling and better resist attracting lint.

Helps Control Solvent Odors
GreenSOL controls free moisture, helping to eliminate the breeding ground for odor causing bacteria in your drycleaning system.

Compatible With Both Cartridge And Powder Filtration
GreenSOL has been designed to be used in systems using cartridge filtration or in systems using diatomaceous earth, helping prevent clogged filters and build-ups of filter pressure.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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