Everest Detergent

Charge process detergent designed for hydrocarbon systems

Refreshingly Clean™

Cleaning in today’s new technology hydrocarbon systems can be considerably different than conventional petroleum solvent drycleaning. Enclosed system design, and odorless, higher flash point solvent are two major important changes presenting new operational challenges. EVEREST has been specifically formulated to help you meet those challenges.

Effective moisture management, reducing the formation of unpleasant solvent odors, minimizing lint and static, and controlling redeposition are some of the challenges EVEREST will overcome to deliver consistently clean, fresh and bright garments.

EVEREST has been formulated for use in dry-to-dry hydrocarbon machines and can be used with any brand of high flash point hydrocarbon solvent. So bring your cleaning quality to new heights by making EVEREST part of your hydrocarbon cleaning process.


Provides Excellent Moisture Management
Some water is necessary to remove water-soluble soil from garments. However, unless this moisture is under control, it can do more harm than good. EVEREST controls moisture by solubilizing it, thus allowing a safe exchange of water between the fabric and charged solvent which is necessary to flush away water-soluble soils.

Formulated to Control Solvent Odors
A buildup of bacteria in your drycleaning system can cause unpleasant solvent and garment odors. Bacteria lives and breeds in free moisture and feeds on the hydrocarbon solvent and impurities contained in it. EVEREST controls free moisture, thus eliminating the breeding ground for odor causing bacteria.

Helps Prevent Redeposition
Cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent requires extended cleaning cycles as compared to perchloroethylene cleaning. Therefore, garments are exposed to insoluble soils over a longer period of time. EVEREST keeps this soil from redepositing, resulting in consistently cleaner looking garments.

Helps Eliminate Static Cling
Few things are more frustrating than garments clinging together when unloading the wheel. When used as directed, EVEREST helps eliminate static generated in the wheel, so garments come out static-free. Clothes are easier to handle when pressed, and customers appreciate the absence of static cling.

Reduces Lint Formation Everywhere the Garment Goes
Where there is static, there is lint. By eliminating static, garments are less likely to attract lint in the wheel or when moving through the plant. As a result, you’ll save time and labor in manual lint removal, and your customers will enjoy garments that resist attracting lint.

Helps Keep Odorless Solvents Odorless
EVEREST is free of aromatic solvents commonly found in traditional petroleum detergents. EVEREST’s virtually odorless formulation does not change or alter the original smell of odorless solvent in use.

Does Not Lower Solvent Flash Point
EVEREST’s flash point is over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, well beyond that of high flash point solvents used for drycleaning.

EVEREST is also available with the fresh clean scent of Freshenz™, ask for it when you order from your Street's distributor.

How to Order EVEREST

EVEREST is sold by authorized Street’s distributors. EVEREST is available in 5-, 15-, and 55-gallon containers.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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