Steam Dragon boiler treatment

Steam Dragon®
Boiler and Steam System Water Conditioner

Defending the Life of Your Boiler™

Unleash your boiler’s steam power potential with the STEAM DRAGON® Steam System Water Conditioner Program.   The STEAM DRAGON Program will maximize your steam efficiency by maintaining your boiler water system through treating and managing the condition of your water.

The STEAM DRAGON additive devours oxygen in your system to protect your boiler from oxygen pitting.  Since new water enters your boiler on a daily basis, a daily, ongoing regimen of adding STEAM DRAGON to properly condition your water is essential for effective and efficient boiler performance.  Then, the STEAM DRAGON Water Monitor program helps you keep an eye on the effectiveness of your treatment regimen.

 If you want the best steam quality for the best pressed clothes, add the power of STEAM DRAGON as a part of your daily maintenance routine for your boiler steam system.


Reduces Scale Build-Up

STEAM DRAGON diminishes dissolved minerals that lead to scale build-up. Scale build-up on boiler surfaces slows down the heat transfer process which means it takes a longer time to heat the water which means increased fuel spending and reduced efficiency.

Helps Fight Corrosion  

STEAM DRAGON contains chemical compounds that provide acid corrosion protection by maintaining an alkaline condition in the boiler water.

Prevents Oxygen Pitting  

STEAM DRAGON devours dissolved oxygen in water that can corrode carbon steel, the principal steel used in many types of boilers.

Protects Water Return Tanks & Pipes

Steam and condensate return water often contains carbonic acid that can dramatically change the pH of water in your steam distribution and condensate return system, which can lead to corrosion. STEAM DRAGON contains amines which combat acidic condensate return water to prevent corrosion in your distribution and return system.

Minimizes Boiler Clean Outs

The formation of scale and ongoing corrosion may require more frequent boiler clean outs and can result in a shortened boiler life. The STEAM DRAGON program helps you patrol your system and its ongoing fight against scale and corrosion ensures less unnecessary boiler “down time.”

Water Monitor Test Kit Available.

Water Monitor is a do-it-yourself, same day results test kit that will aid in determining the ideal amount of STEAM DRAGON to be added daily. STEAM DRAGON users should regularly use the companion Water Monitor Test Kit to determine the optimum amount of STEAM DRAGON to add based on existing boiler horsepower and local supply water condition.


STEAM DRAGON is available from authorized Street’s distributors in one-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails or 15-gallon drums.

Before using any chemical product, review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe handling and proper disposal.

For professional drycleaning use only.

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