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DLI ( IFI) School of Dry Cleaning Technology

Street's believes that increasing cleaner knowledge of the art and science of cleaning is essential for the continued prosperity of the dry cleaning industry. In pursuit of that goal, Street's is pleased to offer scholarships to eligible cleaners or cleaning employees to cover tuition costs for Drycleaning And Laundry Institute's (formerly IFI) General Dry Cleaning Course, Drycleaning and Laundry Management Course or the One Week Spotting Course.

The courses are offered at DLI's headquarters in Laurel, Maryland and are accredited through the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The three week General Dry Cleaning Course is taught in two sessions: A one-week Introduction to Dry Cleaning Course, designed for those new to the industry or with limited experience and a two-week Advanced Dry Cleaning Course.

Course topics covered include fabrics and fiber identification, stain removal, finishing, traditional solvent cleaning and wetcleaning, troubleshooting, care labeling, and customer service.

The courses have a “hands on” emphasis, which allows students to practice what they learn. Students use conventional and tensioning finishing equipment, hot and cold stain removal boards, a variety of different wetcleaning and dry cleaning machines, and other tools.

Street’s offers nine scholarships annually. Street’s has sponsored scholarships at the Institute since 1965. The awarding of the scholarships is solely at the discretion of Dli's Directors.

For more information contact DLI: 1-800-638-2627, Visit The Drycleaning And Laundry Institute webpage or e-mail: