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1. Will Fabric Finish Used in the Drycleaning Wheel Clog My Filter?

At normal use concentrations, fabric finishes have absolutely no effect on filter life. When dissolved in a solvent, they form a true solution. It is impossible for these fabric finish products to plug any filter element, whether it be a cartridge filter, a powderless disc filter, or a powder filter.

2. What is Wetcleaning?

Wetcleaning has played and continues to play an important role in the full service professional fabricare plant because some garments cannot be drycleaned, or are best wetcleaned. Wetcleaning should be considered an integral part of professional fabricare service, not an alternative or a substitute process. In contrast to laundering, wetcleaning consists of precise and careful application of mechanical agitation with controlled heat during both the wash and drying phase, plus the careful selection of cleaning and/or bleaching chemicals that minimize the risk of any adverse effects to the garments. Although a wide array of equipment is available for wetcleaning, some quite sophisticated, the exacting scientific principles of the wetcleaning process continue to apply regardless of the equipment used. Wetcleaning process techniques may be as simple as immersion by hand in a tub or pail, use of a home style washer, or as complex as using purposefully designed wetcleaning machines that incorporate automatic process controls. The particular process technique chosen depends on the type and/or volume of garments requiring wetcleaning. While the drycleaning process is often the best choice for restoring soiled garments to like new condition because of the inherently safe and effective processing environment, there are occasions when wetcleaning is either demanded or more desirable because of care labeling, garment fiber content and/or construction, dye fastness, or type or extent of soiling. In some instances wetcleaning may be chosen because it is the process of last resort.


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